Why listen to me?  Because my advice makes a difference to help you get your Denver Mortgage.

Your Denver Mortgage Guy, Dave Beckmann, utilizes a cloud-based software program developed by Mortgage Coach called Edge. With this program, I can customize a loan analysis comparing a few different lending options for my borrower or Realtor partner.

Here is a link showing the rent vs. purchase comparison

For Realtors, I can provide a detailed comparison, including graphs, showing the difference between a price reduction vs. a rate reduction.

Here is an example of the seller incentive strategy

In this example, you would need a $35,000 reduction in the sales price to have the same impact as the seller buying down the rate .75% for $10,0000. The benefit to the realtor is maintaining a higher sales price and commission. The benefit to the buyer is a lower rate/monthly payment and lower income to qualify. This is a WIN/WIN for all parties to the transaction!

I can also provide an open house brochure comparing various lending programs for a particular property.

Here is an example of an open house flier.

The open house flier features the key benefits of the property and compares various mortgage programs and co -brands the lender and realtor.

Contact me to learn more about this program or if your interested in having me develop a custom report for you.  Need a Denver Mortgage?  Call Your Denver Mortgage Guy at 720-435-4022