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What to do about the Equifax Credit Hack

We have had a previous tip discussing how our creditors get hacked every five minutes, but why stop there now that we know that half of the country has been exposed at the bureau level. Over a three-month timeframe, from May to July 2017, hackers accessed our socials, DOB, addresses, DL numbers and for an […]

FICO CEO Gives Great Credit Tips

Many¬†people have questions about the credit scores generated by Fair, Isaac & Co. Today on Tech Ticker, Aaron Task and I figured we’d take our questions¬†straight to the source: Mark Greene, chief executive of Fair, Isaac & Co., creator and proprietor of the FICO score. “The FICO score is a measure of a consumer’s financial […]

Why Is Your Credit Score Like a Hot Air Balloon?

Why is your credit score like a hot air balloon? Whether it’s a hot air balloon or your credit score, it’s all a matter of using the proper fuel to stay aloft! Let me explain. To get a balloon to rise, you fill it with hot air. However, once you’re aloft, you need to maintain […]