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Things You Need to Buy After Your New Home Purchase

You probably have not thought about all the items you will need to buy for a new house that you did not need in an apartment. This news comes as a shock to many first-time home buyers. So, if you’ve scraped together your last two nickels to pay closing costs, here are ways you can […]

New HARP 3.0 May HELP More Borrowers

Here is the latest news from Your Denver Mortgage Guy, Dave Beckmann A third HARP 3.0-like mortgage bill has been introduced in Congress. Following the failed Responsible Homeowner Refinancing Act of 2012, Senators Robert Menendez and Barbara Boxer have re-drafted their landmark refinance bill meant to help underwater U.S. homeowners get access to today’s low […]

More Good News – Bad News

Here is the latest real estate information from YourDenverMortgageGuy: Disheartening to the markets was the news released early last week that housing starts and permits were down. Just when we needed the housing market to take another step forward. Understandably, new homes are finding it hard to compete with all the great prices of existing […]